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Business Consulting

Connecting businesses, ideas, and expertise to achieve the impossible!

The process of establishing a business or a project in Iraq is somewhat exceptional; Harlow Group provide the necessary business services for international companies and global investors to help them achieve their business goals in Iraq. We secure all the resources needed to establish businesses and projects, company formation, licensing, and logistics support. Our team of experts offer decades of deep local and international knowledge, our local and international compliance makes us the leaders in this field.

Harlow's Consultancy Department consists of the following divisions:

  • Strategic Alliances Division.
  • Business Development Division.
  • Financial Control Division.
  • EPC Division
  • Operation and Logistics Division.
  • PR Division
  • R&D Division
  • Data Control Division
  • Security Division
Our three-pillar philosophy

promise to investors.
As independent thinkers, we link concepts and information from several tactics to identify market signals. We are constantly on and prepared to capture alpha.

Unearths investment reality.
Through unbiased observation and methodical research of the local and global markets, we actively manage high-conviction project portfolios for sustained risk-adjusted outperformance.

Represents a perspective.
Our world-class investment methodologies enable Harlow team to be nimble and decisive, committed equally to the strategic integrity of portfolios and to knowledge communicated with transparency and substance.

Iraq's most reliable business consultants!

Doing business in Iraq entails great challenges. With our extensive experience in assisting major international corporations, we help our clients operate smoothly and dependably while ensuring the highest returns on their projects, starting from R&D, feasibility research, providing methodical practical advice and commissioning processes. Major worldwide oil firms, Hanwha Engineering & Construction, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), GE and SNC-Lavalin are some of our current clients.

Customized Consulting Services

As one of the biggest consulting companies in Iraq, Harlow Group stands out for its more than 20 years of expertise, providing an extensive consultancy support which includes but is not limited to:

Bidding finishing and submission.

Acting on behalf of a client to perform certain activities within the government and private companies in Iraq.

Arrange meetings with government and private C-suite decision makers and key stakeholders.

Assistance with contract writing, dispute resolution, and completion of deals.

Legal consultancy of Iraqi economy and investment.

Business studies, surveys, and market research on project launches.

Consultancy services for EPC.

Services of risk and security management.

Connecting clients with trusted local vendors.

After the successful implementation of a range of major projects, the Harlow International Group has earned an impressive reputation as one of the most respected business advisors in Iraq.

Contact us today and explore emerging economic opportunities in Iraq, Middle East and Gulf region, call us at +971 4 539899 or email us at info@harlowinternational.com