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The shift towards smart cities starts here

Nowadays, in most countries, a great effort is being made to increase the efficiency of electricity generation, transmission, and consumption. The achievement of such goals starts with the national exchange programs of traditional electricity meters into smart ones, allowing for better communication between producers, distributors, sellers, and consumers.

In line with Harlow Group's mission toward a sustainable economy, we established a new company "Smart Meters Collection and Electrical Services Ltd." which specialised in energy transition and advanced metering infrastructure AMI.

Our aim is to develop a national smart grid capable of distributing electricity with minimum losses and the most efficient control over supply, consumption, and collection.

This is one of the main pillars in reforming the power sector and the initial step towards digital transformation in supplying reliable power at reasonable prices to residents.


How do smart meters function?

The term "smart meter" refers to an electric meter that measures electricity consumption at regular intervals (every hour or every half-hour), saves these readings on internal memory, and then transmits them to the electricity provider at least once per day. This results in a more precise assessment of the user's electricity consumption. Monitoring consumption trends are also beneficial.

These meters' great benefit is that they transmit information (and commands) to and from the primary centre. The adoption of these meters to meet smart grid criteria emphasises their significance. Smart meters, as opposed to conventional ones, give a precise breakdown of the user's electricity consumption over time, alert the electricity provider if there is a problem with the consumption, allow the provider to remotely turn off/on the user's electricity, and help to spot any unauthorised electricity connections.

The smart meters provide an automated system from reading to billing, allowing the users to monitor their consumption in an almost instantaneous manner, and obtain detailed information to help them adjust their consumption patterns.

This project is part of the ministry's larger plan to invest in Iraq's electricity infrastructure and to make the grid more reliable. The upgrade will also help reduce the amount of electricity lost due to transmission, distribution, and collection, as well as to improve customer satisfaction.