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Iraq has made significant progress in restructuring its energy infrastructure and is constantly looking to issue legislation and laws to regulate this crucial sector, especially concerning electricity. Despite the delays in the development of infrastructure in the energy and vital utility sectors in Iraq caused by the crises the country has experienced, which limited its ability to import the necessary equipment and resources in recent years.

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Harlow International Group plays a significant role in the growth of this industry by having been entrusted with the construction and operation of the largest thermal power plant project in Iraq, the "Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant," which will provide more than 10% of Iraq’s power demand when fully operational.

At Harlow International Group, we prioritise energy investments to raise the standard of living for Iraqi citisens. The company is honoured to be selected to promote local economic development and infrastructural development by being granted the Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant development project.

heading imageAl Khairat Thermal Power Plant

The largest Thermal Power Plant in Iraq.

When the Ministry of Oil of Iraq began planning to implement the country’s newest refinery "the Karbala Refinery" which has a capacity of 140,000 barrels per day of heavy, high-sulfur fuel oil, as part of the, the Ministry of Oil then decided to establish a thermal electric power plant designed to consume this quantity of HSFO. The decision was made to supply the national electric power system on the one hand, and to ensure the sustainability of the refinery's operations on the other.

Both heavy fuel oil generated at the neighbouring New Karbala Refinery and crude oil delivered via the strategic oil pipeline, which is 1,000 meters away, will be used to feed the Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant.

The project spans over 376 hectares and is situated on a desert plain 20 kilometers south of Karbala, 2.5 kilometers from the new Karbala refinery, within 1000 meters of a vital pipeline that will feed the station with crude oil, 20 kilometers from the Euphrates River, and 130 kilometers from a limestone quarry.

Learn more about the contribution of Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant to the Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Harlow International has designed an Environmental Management Plan for the Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant Project to include the following:

  • Establishment of an Environmental Management Unit.
  • Activation of an environmental monitoring system that will track any potential effects on the environment.
  • Educate staff on the policies that comply with the Global Environment Program.
  • Designation of an environmental documentation and control unit with expertise.

Advantages of Al-Khairat Thermal Power Plant:

Compared to other thermal power plants in Iraq, the Al-Khairat Power Plant will have the following advantages:

  • It will be the largest power plant in Iraq. It will provide more than 10% of Iraq’s power demand when fully operational.
  • It will use heavy fuel oil and crude oil. This will reduce the dependence on natural gas for power generation in Iraq.
  • It will not cause as much pollution as other power plants in Iraq. It will be provided with the necessary equipment and systems to meet all applicable environmental regulations. This includes:
  • An Air Quality Control System, to meet WB/IFC guidelines for NOx, SOx and Dust emissions
  • An Emission Monitoring System, to monitor flue gas emissions released to the environment during operation of the Plant
  • A Wastewater Treatment System with Zero Liquid Discharge, to treat all contaminated wastewater produced from the power plant during operation and recover valuable water for reuse in the plant.
  • It preserves water resources. All the water needed for the operation of the plant will be supplied from the Karbala Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Benefits of Al-Khairat Thermal Power Plant

The Al-Khairat Power Plant will provide the following benefits to Iraq and the Karbala region:

  • It will increase the power generation capacity in Iraq to ensure continuous electricity supply to the national grid and alleviate nationwide power shortage leading to the enhancement of socio-economic development in Iraq.
  • It will maximise the economic value of the heavy fuel oil (HFO) which comes out from Karbala Refinery’s process as a by-product.
  • It will help reduce power outages thus contributing to increasing productivity of industrial and commercial activities and improving the quality of life for Iraq residence.
  • It will create more than three thousand direct jobs during construction
  • It will create opportunities for local contractors who will supply goods and provide services.

About the approvals of the Al-Khairat Thermal Power Plant Project

The Ministry of Electricity and the National Investment Committee signed a contract to implement the power plant.

A power purchase contract was signed with the Ministry of Electricity.

For the first time at the investment level of power plant contracts in Iraq, a three parties fuel supply contract has been signed, organising the contractual mechanism between the relevant parties (Harlow International - Ministry of Oil - Ministry of Electricity), taking into consideration that the Iraqi Cabinet decision no. 611 in 2008 only specified the fuel supply to ensure the plant's sustainable operation.