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Your Trusted Business Advisor in Iraq

The process of establishing a business or a project in Iraq is somewhat exceptional; Harlow Group provide the necessary business services for international companies and global investors to help them achieve their business goals in Iraq. We secure all the resources needed to establish businesses and projects, company formation, licensing, and logistics support. Our team of experts offer decades of deep local and international knowledge, our local and international compliance makes us the leaders in this field.

Harlow's Consultancy Department consists of the following divisions:

  • Strategic Alliances Division.
  • Business Development Division.
  • Financial Control Division.
  • EPC Division
  • Operation and Logistics Division.
  • PR Division
  • R&D Division
  • Data Control Division
  • Security Division

Doing business in Iraq entails great challenges. With our extensive experience in assisting major international corporations, we help our clients operate smoothly and dependably while ensuring the highest returns on their projects. We provide feasibility research, and provide methodical practical advice tailored to our clients needs to ensure they meet their objectives. 

Contact us today and explore emerging economic opportunities in Iraq, Middle East and Gulf region, call us at +971 4 539899 or email us at info@harlowinternational.com

Trusted business advisor in Iraq