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Harlow International is responsible for large-scale industrial projects in Iraq. With years of experience handling complex matters concerning heavy industry, Harlow International Group has been successful in obtaining a license to establish a new construction project involving cement production. As one of many contributions to rebuilding Iraq's deteriorating infrastructures, this production facility will produce 2 million metric tons per year when it opens its doors within Najaf Governorate next year.

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Backbone of Iraq Development!

Despite Iraq's volatile political past, which has hampered its development over the years, an effort is currently ongoing to guarantee security and political stability as well as to improve the country's infrastructure and investment climate. In addition، there are many optimistic predictions that Iraq's oil reserves might double; this development will put Iraq in a strong position to compete with other countries in the region. A significant part in this development is anticipated to be played by the cement sector.

Year after year, real estate projects in Iraq are increasing significantly, which will increase the need for cement production inside the country.

It is expected that the steady population growth, coupled with the annual per capita demand index for cement (ranges between 0.65 to 1.5 tons annually) will increase the demand for cement to 26.6 tons annually and will be doubling to 53 million tons in 2050. (2019 statistics).

Harlow International Group gained a license to build a 2 million tons per year cement plant in Najaf Governorate to meet the increasing demand for cement.