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It is the intent of Harlow International Group to uphold the integrity and ethical conduct in countries where we operate and in other business arrangements. Harlow International Group aims to gain a world-class reputation for lawful and ethical behavior. Our reputation for high standards of business conduct and integrity is one of our greatest assets, as it enables us to continue to provide effective services. As part of Harlow International Group’s commitment to integrity, we have periodically adopted policies and procedures to protect against unlawful activity. Among these are the provisions of our Corporate Compliance Program that specifically addresses areas within the context of our business. 

Our personal commitment to adhere to the guiding principles set forth in the applicable policies and procedures dedicates us to: 

1- Following the rules and legislation that apply to our organization.

2- Being sincere, ethical, and trustworthy in all your interactions and efforts.

3- fostering an environment where everyone in our diverse organization has access to the same level of opportunity. 

4- Aim to safeguard the workplace and establish a safe work environment.

5- Creating constant accountability for compliance.