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Harlow International Group is an Iraqi leader in the energy infrastructure domain, with an expansive portfolio of construction projects. We were one of the pioneering companies in the new Iraqi economy, committed to the growth of the country and the quality of life of its people. From implementation of our own projects to aiding corporations to operate in our market, we have provided a wide range of support services for numerous years.

With over 20 years of experience in construction and EPC works, we have successfully delivered projects across Iraq. Our key industries of focus include energy (e.g., power plants, electricity transmission towers, and oil & gas), industrial (e.g. Cement Plant) and technology (e.g. smart metering). We have 1200+ employees, supporting the development of our projects as well as providing quality consultancy, accommodation and office space, security and construction services, with the support of our overseas offices in Dubai, South Korea and London.

Our business management philosophy is founded upon the principles of ongoing innovation and research, consolidated with the strategic partnering of leading international Energy, Oil & Gas, Technology and Service Providers. Our commitment to Technology, Environmental, HSSE and Resource Development standards form the foundation upon which we strive to remain an industry leader. we are delighted to report a steady stream of successes and look forward to achieving further accomplishments in the future.

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The Harlow International Group is firmly committed to the highest standards of excellence and development. We strive to create a world-class workforce, driven by smart management strategies, professionalism, and competence which will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Our Group takes a proactive approach to international standards, plus adheres to moral standards, corporate integrity, and excellent governance. We will continue to set ambitious goals and keep relentlessly pushing our boundaries in order to change lives for the better. To our Executives, General Managers, Divisional Managers, Engineers, Technicians, and Staff, thank you for your immense contribution in realizing our shared vision. Our best days are still ahead of us.

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Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission OUR VISION

Developing the future to offer industry-leading services that satisfy the demands of our clients and generate substantial value for the countries we are operating in, to maintain a continuous leading international developer in the Energy Industry, Oil & Gas, Technology, and Construction Industry. We are committed to research and development, identifying long-term solutions for the present and the future.

Vision & Mission
heading image OUR MISSION

Quality, trustworthiness, devotion, and ongoing development! To offer comprehensive professional services and successfully help our clients succeed and accomplish their goals. To strive to be the ideal partner for complex projects that call for creative solutions. To do this, we will maintain a high state of effectiveness, safety, and quality while ensuring that our customers, partners, suppliers, workers, community, and environment receive real value.

heading imageCorporate Social Responsibility

Society, first and foremost!

Social responsibility is integral to Harlow International's business model and a fundamental pillar of our Social Commitment Business Policy. The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee operates under the direct supervision of the company Chairman and undertakes its tasks headed by the Chief Operating Officer, along with a group of managers and representatives from all departments and group companies.

The committee also includes an external consultant who supports the committee with its independent modern insights and constructive critical analysis.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Harlow International Group of Companies has developed its framework for social and environmental development standards and guidelines, adopted when projects or operations commence at a site. Each framework is aligned with local conditions and needs related to the environment, education, health, training programs, partnerships, and support for local institutions; and because we are aware of the communities' need for our investments and the valuable benefits our projects bring to society as a whole, the group launches its operations to encourage these communities to be self-sufficient educationally, functionally, and healthily.

This work approach supports the concept of comprehensive institutional integration with local communities and maintains the continuity of our business in these communities for many generations to come. We also promote the adoption and dissemination of correct sustainability practices across our chain of operations in the various areas of our projects.

How do our projects contribute to the social responsibility program?