Project : Al Rasheed Hotel
Year : 2010

Scope: Comprehensive refurbishment of the famous (Al Rasheed Hotel) in Baghdad's Green Zone.

Ahead of the 2012 Arab Summit, the Al Rasheed Hotel in the Green Zone had a comprehensive restoration that was finished quickly and was available for visitors to check in before the event.

  • Reconfiguration of all significant greeting spaces.
  • Rearrange the building's guest rooms to provide more space.
  • Modern interior design updates in accordance with 5-star hotel requirements.
  • Improving the conference room and other cutting-edge amenities.
  • The provision and setup of all components and hardware for passenger elevators and new services.
  • The provision and setup of new bathroom fittings.
  • Putting in completely functional kitchens.
  • The swimming pool's redesign.
  • Water and sewage system repairs.
  • Landscaping.
  • Planning, procuring and setting up all fixtures and furniture.
Security systems
  • The deployment of a comprehensive security system in collaboration with Honeywell.
  • Creating an integrated management and control unit for the building's overall security.
  • Arranging specialized maintenance and operations training for hotel employees.
  • Deploy our security professionals to defend important resources, people, and the environment.

Client: Honeywell in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Al Rasheed Hotel