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The first of its kind in Iraq; Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant deploys best environmental practices.
The first of its kind in Iraq; Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant deploys best environmental practices.
Jan 06, 2022
Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant is superior to its competitors from Iraqi power plants in its reliance on simi-green technologies in power generation, including:
Consumption and recycling of large wastes of high sulfur heavy fuel oil (HFO) as the accumulation of these large quantities of heavy wastes in the Karbala refinery or their transportation outside the site, is considered a major environmental pollutant, especially the high cost of the transportation process, in addition to the fact that the lack of consumption and recycling of heavy fuel oil means loss of A large source of energy that can be used as fuel to operate such power plants.
The FGD system will be used for the first time in Iraq to treat gas emissions at the Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant. The plant will be equipped with the necessary equipment and systems to meet international environmental standards with regard to all solid, gaseous, and liquid emissions.
The project will adopt (ZLD) technology, which means evaporation of wastewater to be re-condensed and used in other areas within the site to irrigate the gardens.
A sewage treatment system will be provided to treat all polluted wastewater generated from Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant, including sewage generated from the residential building, kitchen building, bathrooms, etc. during operation, and to recover valuable water for reuse in the plant. The system consists of an oil water treatment, a flue gas desulfurization treatment plant (FGDWWTP), a ZLD fluidless drain technology system, and a sewage treatment system.
The plant will be equipped with a soil pollution monitoring system in accordance with the international standards adopted in the construction and operation of power plants around the world.
The CEMS Continuous Environmental Pollution Monitoring System will be installed in accordance with the highest international standards and ISO quality conformity systems to monitor all emissions that may result from the electricity generation process at the Al Khairat Thermal Power Plant, and it will be provided with an early warning system to take appropriate action by the Environmental Management Team immediately.
Mobile Noise Monitoring equipment will be installed on site to ensure a minimum amount of sounds that may be generated during the construction or operation of the plant.
A weather station will be installed at the site of the Al-Khayrat Thermal Power Station, which will monitor atmospheric temperatures, atmospheric pressure, humidity levels, wind speed and direction, in addition to measuring the level of solar radiation, especially infrared radiation. The weather monitoring station will ensure the air quality on site during construction and operation.
Al-Khayrat Thermal Power Plant will contribute 2,800 megawatts to the national electricity grid, which will raise the total production to more than 24,000 megawatts, and this will have a significant positive impact on the stability of the national electricity system.