Project : Bismayah New City Project, for Hanwha E&C. The biggest housing project in Iraq's recent history
Year : 2012


Scope: Performed economic research and feasibility assessments, and provided Hanwha E&C with administrative, logistical, and legal support in addition to building the project's main labor complex.

In March 2010, the Iraqi government announced the "National Development Plan 2010-2014", which includes the construction of 3 million housing units in addition to a plan to create 2 million housing units over five years, followed by the announcement of the National Investment Commission in 2010 of the "National Housing Program". To develop one million housing units in 14 governorates, of which 224,000 are in the Baghdad governorate.

On this basis, it was planned to develop the first and largest residential city in the modern history of Iraq, the Bismayah New City Project (BNCP).

The new city of Bismayah is located 10 kilometers from the outskirts of Baghdad, lies over an area of ​​1830 hectares, and has 100,000 residential units to house roughly 600,000 people.

One of the biggest real estate development companies in the world, Hanwha Engineering and Construction Company, was drawn to the project. The massive company utilized Harlow's local knowledge to conduct economic studies and research, project feasibility, and administrative, logistical, and legal support. The strong partnership resulted in the completion of the submitted technical and financial offer, which led to the acquisition of a $7.7 billion contract to develop Bismayah Residential City.

Additionally, during the project's preparatory stage, Hanwha E&C hired Al-Bahoo General Contracting to construct the primary labor complex for the Bismayah New City project, which has 26,000 lodgings and was meticulously finished in accordance with the project timetable.

Client: Hanwha E&C


Bismayah New City Project, for Hanwha E&C. The biggest housing project in Iraq's recent history