Iraq is open for business

As Iraqis return to their daily lives the demand for goods and services is increasing at a fast pace. The government is focusing on the reconstruction of essential infrastructure, housing, education and utilities and as such the environment for trade and investment in Iraq is extremely positive. With improvements in the regulation of foreign investment there are many business prospects for international investors seeking investment opportunities in Iraq. 

Foreign investment in Iraq is protected

Investment in Iraq continues with many international players injecting billions of dollars into the country, as a result of the Investment Law in 2006 granting foreign investors the same rights as Iraqis. Since the introduction of the government policy, Harlow International’s investment division has worked closely with many external investors interested in participating in the development of Iraq.

To attract foreign investment into Iraq, generous benefits, guarantees and exemptions have been set out in Iraqi investment laws. Qualifying investments are eligible to:
.Receive 10 years exemption from taxes
.Repatriate investment and profits from investments
.The right to employ foreign workers when needed
.Obtain three years exemption from import fees for required equipment
.The guarantee that the government will not nationalise or confiscate investments

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